Have You Heard About The Beauty Supplement Called Bamboo Leaf Tea?

Bamboo leaf tea is not your regular tea. Weird as it sounds, it is an herbal tea made from 100% bamboo leaves grown and processed by hand. 

It is made by picking the leaves, drying them and then steeping the dried leaves into boiling water to leach their contents into the brew.

What makes it so special then? What makes it tick?

According to Bamboo Leaf Tea,

Bamboo has the highest amount of vegetative silica of any plant. Ten times the amount of horsetail or nettles. It is what allows bamboo to grow so fast and strong and yet remain flexible.The tea also contains soluble fiber and is rich in antioxidants.

What exactly is silica?

It is an ingredient that is important in bone and other rigid tissue health. Reports claim that this can improve bone and dental health, strengthen hair, nails and make your skin more elastic and healthy. It also aids the body in eliminating aluminum, strengthens the cardiovascular system and supports white blood cell function.


How about soluble fiber?

The soluble fiber present in bamboo leaf tea helps to regulate blood sugar. It is also shown to lower LDL cholesterol, ease cravings and aid in weight loss plus it is super effective for IBS, ulcers, and other digestive issues.


Is that all?

Not exactly.

According to Livestrong, like other plant teas, the micronutrients in bamboo leaf tea may have an effect on some of your body systems. Polyphenols can reduce free radical cell damage, and may slow aging. Catechins interfere with your processing of dietary fat, which might help you lose weight and reduce your cholesterol production.


It is a dietary supplement which means that it is held to less rigid standards than drugs and medical treatments.

But most importantly,

– It is grown without the use of any chemicals so it’s completely healthy

– It has a sweet flavor that aids and balances both mind and body.

– It can be absorbed better than any supplement

– It’s a well-known beauty supplement so you shouldn’t be left out.


Bamboo leaf tea is obviously packed. If I were you, I would get mine asap. Of course, you can get it over here at the Sizzelle store.


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