Ayurveda 103: Multani Mitti

Hey guys. So the next ayurvedic powder to be discussed is Multani Mitti, otherwise known as Fuller’s Earth. I wrote something simple about it in Ayurveda 101: knowing your clays.

For starters, this powder is more for the cleansing part.. it does a good job of getting grit out and giving the pores great TLC. It smells okay compared to shikaikai *insert gag here* which you really shouldn’t use alone. LOL. It has this light brownish color. I’ll attach a picture so you can tell for yourself what color it is… Memories of my art classes are fading away.. Hehe

I have used it in ayurvedic mixes for my hair but what makes it a champ in my collection is what is does to my face. Yup! It’s amazing. My face always feel revamped after a multani mitti facial. It clears out whatever clogs my pores and is so refreshing… death to blackheads/white heads!!!

You may or may not wash your face before this facial, all the dirt’s gonna go away anyway.

Hesh multani mati

HOW I USE IT: First off, you can get your multani mitti facial by mixing it with any liquid you think does the job for you (i.e. tea, diluted apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, lemon juice, milk etc..). Certainly something you’re not allergic to….we don’t want that. Also take your skin type into consideration. For example, mixing it with lemon juice would do good for oily/acne-prone skin AND milk if you have dry skin etc.

I always mix this powder with rosewater & glycerin. You could also mix this powder with other ayurvedic powders to suit your needs.

Make your mix into a consistency that is thick and spreadable. Next, you’ll need an applicator brush but the pads of your finger can substitute for this. 😀

APPLICATION: Whether you’re using your brush or the pads of your fingers, apply in the upward direction as though defying gravity. Make sure you leave out the delicate skin of your eyelids.. Biko I can’t shout. Leave your mix on for about 20-30 minutes. At this point, the mix ought to have dried on your face. You’ll know this because you won’t be able to make any facial expression. Aha. Now we know the job is done.

All you have to do next is…. *drumrollllll* RINSE OUT!! Yes, rinse NOT wash or scrub… Just rinse and you find your face profusely thanking you for the love you just showed to it… You can now apply a light lotion or oil so your face won’t feel dry…

Enjoy your facial…. :*

P.S: As I said earlier, multani mitti is an amazing cleanser so it will do good for your scalp. However, I haven’t used just this ayurvedic powder for my hair because I think my face appreciates it more. This clay really does wonders for your skin!!! Yup

As opposed to the face, DO NOT LET THIS DRY ON YOUR HAIR… Lool. Please don’t, you won’t like it.
Don’t forget, a little research won’t hurt either…


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