The winter I lost 10kg doing nothing but eating and sleeping! Part 2

Sorry for the delay in putting up the part 2 of this post. To read the part 1, please click HERE.

2. Avocados: I love them. They are easily my favorite things in the world to eat. They are chock full with beauty-enhancing ingredients (the healthy fats that plump up your skin and moisturize and hydrate your body from the inside-out). I fell in love with avocados, living in California and ingesting copious amounts of guacamole. There is a belief that avocado is fattening. While it essentially is a fatty substance (butter), I believe it is necessary to highlight that our body in fact needs lipids to function (I can think of neurological needs, and of course BEAUTY NEEDS!). So let’s forgo other fatty foods (with no added vanity benefits) and choose avocado as our fatty food of choice! #KikisWisdom

Avocados and weight loss

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3. Yoghurt: Excellent food. Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Easy to enjoy (no preparation time involved). Great for the oral cavity too (prevents mouth odor), and downright yummy!

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As I mentioned in my first post, I usually jazz it up with fruits. I do not need to eschew the values of the fruit I mentioned to my esteemed learned audience *wink wink*. Feel free to run a Google search on the specific benefits of almonds, blueberries, etc

4. Tilapia: Yummy, easily available and easy-to-cook fish. Fish and fish oils are necessary in every health and beauty-conscious girl’s diet.

5. Smoothies: Including smoothies into my diet stemmed from a need to ingest these super foods I had read extensively about: carrots! You see, I am pretty blind –but hate to wear my glasses (It reduces the swag, ya know!

Disclaimer: I am fully four-eyed every time I get behind the wheel.

I read that carrots help with vision being very rich in Vitamin A. In addition, carrots are another excellent beauty food. I could not quite get my Bugs Bunny on and nibble on carrots all day. At the time as well, I was also trying to take some “horse pills” otherwise known as the GNC Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins. While I could see some progress with regards to my nails and skin especially, I was not a fan of swallowing those nausea-inducing pills. Have I mentioned I am a genius, yet? Well, that’s one mention! I decided to chug the three pills I needed to take in one day, together with the hard, crunchy carrots and some other fruits and make smoothies and get all the nourishment my hair, skin and nails need! This worked easily and conveniently.

Side note: Was my mum the only mum that put the huge pills we had to swallow as children in hot eba- to make it easier to consume? I’d hope not! Worked like magic!

So, right there is an as brief-as-I-could-manage summary on the Winter I ate certain foods and did nothing and

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found myself weighing a surprising 45KG at the end of four months! Luckily, thanks to my diet chock full with healthy and beauty-enhancing foods, I neither looked sickly nor pallid (a common problem with drastic unhealthy weight loss regimes). My skin glowed literally. My hair did not achieve Pocahontas status as I dreamed – alas, I must be realistic— that should not happen for a few years, at least.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing back from you. Hit me with any questions or inquiries! I love talking about how we can become healthier and more beautiful versions of ourselves :-*

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