Aluminum-Free Deodorants and why you need one

Like every other girl, puberty came with responsibilities and having to use a deodorant was one of them. I never paid much mind to the deodorants I used until about two years ago when I started to live a little more consciously. I decided to try out the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick which was a very bad investment. It is basically an alum stone which should be moistened before application to the armpits. For me, it did nothing to neutralise the smell that comes with a lot of sweating. With time, I just ignored it and opted for my essential oils, I would dab a teensy bit of eucalyptus or tea tree oil in my armpits and be on the way.

This might seem like a flimsy issue but it is important to be conscious about the deodorant we choose to wear. Two things are important, finding one that is free of carcinogenic properties and toxins; and one that offers long-lasting protection. Though, my search took a while, I’m glad to say that it’s over now. Thanks to the Nuxe Bio Beauté!

Bear in mind to stay away from antiperspirants which only hinder the body from functioning properly. We sweat, there’s no arguing about that but the stench is all we’re trying to mask. This is what deodorants are useful for – allowing sweat but neutralizing odor. Always choose deodorants over antiperspirants and ultimately, aluminum-free deodorants over regular ones. Simply put, the ideal aluminum-free deodorant consists of only essential oils and natural ingredients.

Ingredients like triclosan, parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl etc), silica, propylene glycol amongst others have no business in your deodorants, soaps etc. These have carcinogenic properties and may disrupt the hormonal balance.

Next time you go shopping for deodorants, try not to choose randomly. Be conscious enough to ingredients label. Spread the news!

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