9 Times Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow Gave Us Texlaxed Hair Goals

Daboju aka Dabs is probably the only texlaxed hair blogger left to transition to natural hair asides our Doctor Fomsky.

She’s the founder of the foremost hair blog, ‘Naija Hair Can Grow’ which was the first blog I read at the beginning of my hair journey. Anyways Dabs has come a long way and become a household name. Right now, she’s just about the only credible resource for those with relaxed or texlaxed hair. She’s also the owner of Savvy Hair and Chic Hub – a salon that caters to all hair types.

Just recently, she started texlaxing which I believe is a milder method of relaxing. I’m sure she was already feeling the pressure to go natural.

Dabs has such gorgeous hair that she been growing and maintaining religiously for a while now so I understand if she’s hesitant to let go of it.

I can’t believe we are yet to feature her. Well, I’m about to fix that.

  1. 1. This full and lush ponytail that has got us drooling.



2. This gorgeous twist out giving us coils for daysss.




4. Texlaxing is another alternative if you can’t commit to maintaining your natural hair.


5. Yummy braids!


6. Freshly texlaxed hair!


7. Texlaxed hair still maintains its volume so it’s perfect for updos.

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8. Ladies! This is no joke! See all that hair!


9. Styling options are endless!


So, if you know you cannot commit to your natural hair journey, you could give texlaxing a shot. Just make sure you’re well informed and educated. You start from Dabs blog.



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