6 Foods That Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Skin



No matter the amount of money we spend on skin care products, both natural and drug-store bought, it won’t make any difference without a healthy diet. The importance of a healthy diet cannot be overemphasized. Often times, a modification of diet is needed rather than prescribed drugs or even cosmetics. There are some foods are skin-friendly that will of course boost the chances of a smooth and radiant skin. Some of which are:

  1. Carrots:
    • Rich in beta carotene, an excellent source of Vitamin A.
    • Control excess ultraviolet light or radiation thereby protecting skin.
    • Also helps to reduce the development of skin-cancer cells.
  2. Cabbage
    • Contains vitamins A, C and E.
    • Rich in fiber which is good for cleansing thereby boosting a healthy skin
  3. Avocado
    • Rich in healthy fatty acids which helps to keep the skin soft, supple and lower inflammation.
  4. Spinach e.g. Green Leafy Vegetables
    • A great source of vitamins K and C, which help to boost circulation and strengthen capillary walls.
  5. Walnuts
    • A good source of omega-3 essential fatty acids which help to improve skin elasticity.
    • Also contain copper, a mineral that helps to increase collagen production.
  6. Tomatoes
    • Contain lycopene, a strong rejuvenating antioxidant.
    • Are rich in Vitamin C which helps skin texture and color.

Did you notice that they’re all vegetables? Which is great because you could make healthy salads out of them. What other way to enjoy the benefits than to eat them raw.

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