5 ways to use cocoa butter


A few weeks ago, I received two batches of raw cocoa butter which I had ordered previously. Before I could say Jack Robinson, I whipped some body butter for myself. Thing is, I’d been waiting for a while for it and when it finally came, I was over the moon.

Every one and their mothers know about the goodness that is cocoa butter especially as it’s commonly used for the fading of stretch marks, scars and other discolorations as well as a moisturizer. It can also be used to treat itchy and irritated skin. The good news is, cocoa butter can be used for other things. You can use cocoa butter as a:

1. Sealant
After moisturizing your hair, cocoa butter can be used to lock in the moisture. It’s a hard butter that is perfect for prepping the hair before protective styling.

2. Deep Conditioner
Cocoa butter can also be used alone as a deep conditioner or part of a deep conditioning (DC) mix. Constant use of cocoa butter has been proved to improve the overall condition as well as moisturize and soften the hair.

3. Restore and repair the skin
Other than moisturizing and reducing stretch marks, it can also be used to repair damaged skin as it is filled with tons of antioxidants that provide optimum benefit for the skin.

4. Prevent skin disorders
Regular use of cocoa butter can over time prevent skin reactions like eczema and dermatitis.

5. As a base for cosmetics
If you’re DIY-savvy like me, you’ll know that cocoa butter is an excellent base for other products like body butters, lotions, lip balms, face serum etc. Plus it has a shell life of about two – three years.

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