5 Times Yagazie And Akwaeke Emezi Were Epitomes Of Black Girl Magic

Yagazie and Akwaeke Emezi are the definition of all our goals rolled in one – Black Girl Magic, Sibling Goals, Natural Hair Goals, Career Goals, Fitness Goals and every other one you might like to add. Individually, they’re both brilliant in their own right but collectively, they are pure MAGIC!

Yagazie is a photographer, cartoonist and vlogger while Akwaeke is a brilliant writer whose debut novel is just about to be published. I follow all three siblings – including their brother and I live vicariously through them. They give off this positive vibe one post at a time. They both have a way of capturing the very essence of a subject and just presenting it in an enchanting manner.

Here are five times they got together to give us magic!


1.That time they looked so good in a Sari. Did I mention they’re part Malaysians too?


2.That time they wore matching outfits and gave us sister envy.


3. That time they looked so freaking happy! It was contagious.


4. That time they gave an accurate representation of our relationship with our siblings.


5.That time they decided to tension us all with this photo!


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