5 Things I Don’t Miss About My Relaxed Days.

One of the pros of natural hair is definitely the fact that it’s stress-free. Yes, once you get a hang of it, you can easily find your way around things with little or no hassle. Also, there are a number of things you don’t need to worry about anymore that might have been an issue in the past especially during your relaxed days.

Here are 5 things that I don’t miss about the creamy crack:


1. The type of relaxer to use. This was one of the problems I encountered during my relaxed days. I was totally clueless about the different types of relaxers and whatnot so I just used whatever I saw and boy, am I glad that phrase is over.

2. The period between relaxer touch-ups. I’m particularly happy that I do not have to calculate the intervals between touch-ups. I never got it right.

3. The pain of the scalp burns.  I haven’t been exactly lucky with relaxers. My worst experience was just after my high school graduation. I was in such a hurry to relax my hair that I ended up with severe burns both on my scalp that extended to my nape. It was so bad that I couldn’t touch my hair for more than a month until it healed up completely thanks to shea butter. I think that was the point I had a paradigm shift about this relaxer business. It was horrible!

4. Split ends, damaged hair and stunted growth. Eventually, these things pushed me to make a decision that would have a major influence on my life.

5. The excruciating heat from the dryer during roller sets. I’ve been going under the dryer as early as the age of eight and overtime I gradually detested it and salons in general.

Aside from the smooth and sleek texture of relaxed hair, I don’t miss it at all. Recently I had a conversation with my friend whom I also convinced to go natural and we both reached a conclusion that relaxers are tortuous. Yes it was that bad.

Over to you!

What are those things that you don’t miss during your relaxed days?

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