Yummy Facial: Sweet Meets Salty {Honey and salt facial}

Okay, since my hair finally got an ayurvedic treat and loved it, I couldn’t let my hair have all the fun and ignore my face… So, I started thinking of easier DIY spa treatments I could give myself. LOL. I wanted to give the ayurvedic clays a rest since I went all ‘crazy-woman’ on them for my hair.

I had earlier noticed some peeling around my nose area, some tiny bulbs of whitish stuff under my lips and some peeling on my lips and forehead (that part has soft baby hair). So I decided to do a exfoliating facial scrub, all this grammar sha: all I wanted was a good scrub to rid my face of all the dead skin. Still thinking on what facial to mix up, I remembered that portable keg of this amazing honey that my mom had. I had already used a healthy amount on my hair so why shouldn’t my face get some loving!?

I strolled to the kitchen to get my trusty white bowl (the same one I used for my ayurvedic hair mix). I threw in a big pinch of salt into it and strolled back to where the honey was. I added just enough for my face and then mixed thoroughly with my finger.

Ingredients: All the ingredients I needed were salt and honey. You could use sugar or baking soda in place of the salt though: as long as you have that grainy feel to help you scrub dead skin away.

Tools: Mixing bowl and fingers

Honey and salt facial

Application: With my clean hands, I applied this simple but really awesome mix to my face with the pads of my fingers and then proceeded to gently massage/scrub my face. I didn’t leave out my lips either, focusing on the areas I mentioned above. I felt a bit of a tingling sensation as I massaged my face. My 3 year-old niece comes in and is like, “Aunty Motun, what’s on your face?”. She didn’t believe it was honey until she licked it: even my mum was wondering why I had honey on my face.

Honey facial

Results: I had the mix on for about 30 minutes and then rinsed off to a very smooth feeling, hydrated face: it felt as though I applied oil on my face and I hadn’t! Even after I showered, I didn’t wash my face with regular soap, biko, I didn’t want to ‘contaminate’ the beautiful feel the honey gave me by washing it with soap! LOL. To seal in the moisture afterwards, I lightly rubbed palm kernel oil on my face and castor oil on my lips (just cos’ it was thicker).

Regrets: Not applying the mix all over my body!!! I just wish I had mixed enough or had enough time to apply the scrub all over my body. I would have to dedicate a day to do this and it will be undoubtedly messy. Hehe.

Honey is one ingredient you want to incorporate in everything from hair to skin care, it contains anti-oxidants which is great for slowing down aging and is extremely moisturizing and soothing, giving you a beautiful glow afterwards. Honey is also clarifying as it opens up pores, making them easy to unclog. Honey is definitely one of the good stuff, though the original one is tricky to find, you won’t regret getting it!

All in all, it was a very sweet facial! No pun intended! Very pocket friendly too!

Honey facial results


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