My experience with Yarn Wraps as a protective style!!

In the bid to break my cycle of kinky twists extensions as my usual go-to style, I decided to do something different: yarn wraps! I did the ‘research’, got pictures online and decided on which stylist could best accomplish the style for me. So I went off to the market, bought the pack of wool, washed and got my hair ready for the styling and then chose a date for my hair.

My surprise started on the day I decided to get my hair done! I got started around 8:30am and got home around 10pm in the night!
I’ll talk a little bit more about yarn wraps pros and cons I experienced. Starting with the cons!

First con: This hairstyle, at least at the length I had it done, took the whooole day to get done! At that point, I was too tired to even be happy about completing the hair, every part of my body hurt so bad. LOL. At least, I was done!

Second con: the first week of carrying the yarn wraps was painful! Boy, next to my final year send-forth party after which I had to limp for a couple of days (never dancing in 6-inch heels ever again!), this first week was painful! I couldn’t rest my head well to sleep, I couldn’t even turn my head. LOL!

3rd con: I really can’t do anything creative with it. I don’t know if it’s the type of wool I got but the styling options for this style I currently have is like 30%. Maybe it’s the thickness of each wrap, so I have to stick to ponytails and simplistic ways of holding my hair.

Now, first pro! I have gotten more compliments by far and people find it hard to believe it’s just wool. Like no protective styling, I have ever done. Awesome!

Second pro: After the painful first week, I’ve been fine with the hair and I’ve had it for 4 weeks. I’m loving the new growth I see and I’m looking to keep this in for possibly another 4 weeks!!

Third pro is the fact that I can wash my hair as often as I want. All I need do is hold up the lengthy part and wash my scalp for a refreshing feel.

All in all, these yarn wraps are a really nice protective styling although quite painful for me in the beginning. However, I may not be doing this style anytime soon because of the pain I experienced: I’m just not ready to go through it again!! I’m glad for the new growth though. But if like me and you’re opting for something new or different, go for it and hopefully, your experience may not be as painful as mine was.

Please share your experiences about yarn wraps and other styling options.

Till next time,

Love, Tunrie.

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  1. You do not have to make it very tight. Maybe next time start by braiding just a little of your hair and start the wrapping just a little above the braided hair. It makes it a lot easier to style and you feel no pain at all.

  2. Its Painful cos you made them too tight. altho with yarn wraps there will still be some pain. but for a week long? that was too tight. mine lasts for just a day. A remedy is to massage ur scalp with shea butter as much as u can bear before u sleep. by morning……….Voila, you are home free baby!

  3. Hey Tunrie! Love the color combo.
    I think you found it hard to style cos they’re too chunky. This was the same problem I had with the first yarn wraps I made, early december, beautiful, but chunky and painful…I felt like I had on wood logs everytime I went to sleep!
    Three weeks after, though, I took off the “wrap” and restyled the inner, unfinished braids into twists and wore that a while.
    I installed yarn wraps again a week ago. These are much smaller(not too small, about half an inch per box), much slimmer(no inner braid, just my hair and we used only six strands per braid) and much more fun. I pineappled my hair the night we were thru and wore it that way for three days, by the time I took it down, the pain was gone.
    In all, I think they are a fab protective style, but technique is important, have fun rocking yours!

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