These Hilarious Videos Of Yagazie Emezi And Her Natural Hair Will Make Your Day

One of my favorite ways to relax is to watch funny YouTube videos. They have a way of relaxing my nerves after a long day of writing. It’s the best, to be honest.

One day, I stumbled on Yagazie Emezi’s videos and I could not stop. Before I know it, I had watched about five videos. These particular ones were about her natural hair and I could not stop laughing because they were downright hilarious. No jokes!

See for yourself!

That time she was sick and tired of people associating her hair to genetics.

Then she gave us an idea of what her typical wash day looks like. The best tbh!

And reviewed some products as well

In addition to an actual tutorial on her signature yarn braids

But people wouldn’t stop touching her hair.

Eventually, she had to pick another hairstyle.


I hope you enjoyed it!

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