Wigging it: Tosin’s Guide to Wig-Wearing

Growing up, I used to be so fascinated by my mum’s wigs. Over time, my fascination grew into a weird love-hate relationship with them.

I’ve owned a total of 2 whole wigs, one was a gift from a friend and the other I purchased. Now I own a total of zero wigs, I must have gifted both to friends who need them more.

Purchasing my first natural hair wig for the first time was quite a hassle! Thankfully, I had a friend who helped me with my decision. I mean, there are so many different types of wigs and choosing one is not child’s play! The annoying thing is that they seem to keep getting better. This post will help you through whatever wig dilemma you might be having, Tosin is brilliant and this video of hers will surely help your wigs-as-a-protective-style transition!

Why are wigs even a thing?

Having a bad hair day? Wigs to the rescue!

They are quite handy as a form of protective styling which we’ve talked about in a previous post.

In the video below, Tosin Alabi dishes out a class on Wig Wearing 101! Grab a notepad and get to note-taking!

Go forth and slay.

I hope this video will be helpful to those who have been on the fence regarding the use of wigs as a form of protective styling. It certainly got me thinking!


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  1. Well, this was something good to read and watch. Certainly, I have got all my doubts related to wigs and wig accessories cleared in just one go. Thanks for sharing such useful information. I will definitely look forward to getting all my wig suggestions and advice from you. Please keep sharing and guiding us!

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