Which do you prefer: wet styling or dry styling?


Anyone that knows me must have noticed that I hardly wear my hair in twists or twist-outs. The few times I’ve twisted my hair – with and without products – the results haven’t exactly been encouraging. So I stopped altogether until recently.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday precisely, I had my hair out in a puff – which is the only time my hair is out – and for some reasons, due to the hand-in-head syndrome, I found myself twisting my ends. Now bear in mind that my hair was devoid of any (styling) product at that point. It was mostly greasy due to the LOC method – which also included Shea butter – I used three days prior. In fact, the hair spritz and hair butter I used to moisturize my hair the night before had been completely absorbed leaving no trace of moisture behind.

So here was a dry, greasy, barely moisturized hair that I was twisting. Immediately, I grabbed my hair clamps, sectioned my hair and began twisting around. In less than an hour even though I was watching TV in the process, I was done amidst strains. (Mahnn, it’s been an awful long time).

Now, here’s the interesting part. Anytime I twist my wet hair with products – which includes leave in, oil and curl pudding – it never stays. I have to twist in small sections and continually twist until it’s stable. I’m definitely not the only one that experiences this. Or am I? But this time around, I only had to twist once in fairly medium sections and I had no problems whatsoever. It stayed for a few days – until I was ready to unravel it – whilst being moisturised. In fact I was even tempted to unravel it just to see how defined the twist out will be. Oh! You bet it was.

This little experience has taught me to apply whatever product(s) I want to use beforehand and leave it to completely air dry or at least damp before twisting or bantu knotting.

So, am I the only one? Whose hair also prefers dry styling to wet styling?

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