What Not To Do Your Hair.

Hello guys! Hope November was kind to you? Oh well, I’ve been thinking over the past month and I realized I made a couple of mistakes I’d prefer for you to avoid when it comes to your hair.

The first issue I’d like to address is the one of spontaneity. You know spontaneity has never really been one of my strong suits but oh well, it happened when I spontaneously decided to get my hair done. It was so impromptu that I had my old hair loosened at the salon, washed etc but I missed an important step and that was DEEP CONDITIONING, well moisturizing in general. This is the second thing never to do: DO NOT SKIMP ON DEEP CONDITIONING BEFORE YOUR PROTECTIVE STYLE! As a result of my impromptu decision, I was nowhere near my leave-in conditioner and the salon didn’t have any so I ended up sewing a weave on un-moisturized hair!

The hair looked great but I knew I wouldn’t be pleased when take-down time came.

And take-down time was HORRIBLE! My hair was such a hot mess, you can imagine… dry, tangled un-moisturized hair. t  took a while for me to get my hair back to its normal happy place… We’re almost there but not quite and it was all due to my moment of spontaneity!

One lesson to take away from this, don’t do a long-term protective styling spontaneously because when the time to unravel comes, you won’t be the happiest bunny..

Until next time!

Love, Tunrie.


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