What is co-washing?

You’re probably over familiar with the concept of co-washing but for old time’s sake and that of the newbies, let’s discuss it once more, shall we?

What exactly is so fantastic about using conditioners to wash our hair instead of the good ole shampoos?

You know how growing up, we were used to sulphate shampoos to wash our hair? Sometimes, conditioners don’t even show up. We find our hair stylists using more of shampoos and less conditioners. Apparently, it was only used to smoothen the cuticles and give it a nice shiny results.

Guess what? It’s all hogwash.

What then is the essence of co-washing? Simply put, co-washing is the process of using a conditioner (instead of a shampoo or any other product) to cleanse the hair and replenish moisture.

As simple as that. But just because you’re using a conditioner to cleanse your hair doesn’t mean you should totally ditch your shampoos. On the contrary, a co-wash is only a temporary cleanser. Bear in mind that, the acidity of shampoo raises the hair cuticle, making it easier to remove dirt and product buildup.

What then are the benefits of co-washing? Why is it something that should be in your regimen asap?

The purpose of co-washing is to preserve the natural oils of the hair while still gently cleansing, allowing for better hydration for all hair types and less color stripping for colored hair. The goal is to make hair healthier overall, with less of the stripping-replenishing cycle that washing then conditioning creates. Cleansing conditioners in particular are excellent for all hair types, as you don’t need to suffer through the process of bearing a few days or weeks of greasiness before the hair and scalp balances itself and regains a clean look. .(Source)

The best thing? Co-washing can be done as frequently as you wish as long as you’re doing it right and using the right products which is a good moisturizing conditioner. When buying conditioners especially with co-washing in mind, look out for the ingredients. You don’t want your hair to be dry and brittle after using a protein conditioner so look out for the ones without them. They’re all over the place. A good example is the VO5 brand of conditioners. They’re perfect!

Co-washing is something that should be done regularly especially if you don’t have time for your hair. You could easily co-wash in the shower and moisturize afterwards which is why it should be a staple in your regimen.

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