What does it mean to eat right?

Hi Peeps,

It’s been a minute yeah.

Well, I have been unbelievably busy this past few weeks and that’s why I haven’t really written much.

So, please allow me give a recap of everything that’s happened to me fitness-wise.

A colleague of mine set up this August fitness challenge group on blackberry messenger. It was more of a ‘support group thingy’ for a couple of her friends. I must commend her because she was a true drill sergeant. She would always wake us up with questions on our work-out, advice on how to eat properly and sometimes just a pick-me up message.

The most important thing I learnt from this experience was that living a healthy lifestyle is so much easier if you surround yourself with the right support system. It’s harder to eat healthy if you live with someone whose daily dinner has to be ‘eba’ or pounded yam or ‘akpu’ with ‘ogbono’ soup and 8 pieces of beef. LOL

My little piece of advice is this: try to gently incorporate your healthy eating and fitness lifestyle into the daily routine of the people you live with. Please note that the operational verb here is ‘gently’. Especially if you are married. Most Nigerian men will not take kindly to a drastic change in diet especially if he is one that is used to eating heavily. Giving him a plate of steamed vegetable and skinless chicken breasts as dinner may not go down well. For your kids or siblings too, changing their eating habits may be a challenge too. In this kind of situation, wisdom is profitable to direct. You know how best to handle the people around you but I can guarantee that subtlety and diplomacy works best.

Anyways, I’ll be honest, I ‘faffed’ seriously in working out this month but because of the support I had from this group, I lost about 1.5 kg by just watching what I ate. It’s amazing how much healthier one can get by just eating right! Was it funny or easy?! NO! Sometimes I fell off and ate unhealthily but most of the time I tried to stick with eating right.

So, exactly what does it mean to eat right? I have realized it means different things to different people. For some people, it means going on a strict ‘no-carb’, no oil, all protein, fruits and veggies diet. I am sorry but I can’t do that. I don’t deceive myself.

What does it mean to eat right

For me, it means:

  • incorporating as much fresh vegetables and fruits into my meals as possible. opting for the low-fat edition of all my ‘favs’.
  • making sure I eat my ‘carbs’ early enough in the day so that my body has enough time to digest and utilise it.
  • no eating beyond 7 pm and if I absolutely had to eat late, I make sure it was something like fresh fruit smoothies with low-fat yoghurt.

My rationale is this: healthy eating is a marathon and not a sprint. It won’t do any good to start off with so much gusto and run out of wind less than one-tenth of the way in. Choose a pace that is comfortable enough and then when you master it, you can stretch yourself further.

Until next time, stay safe and eat right.

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