Weight loss journey (weeks 8 – 12) #FitnessFriday

If you’ve been following my ‘side-tracked’ weight loss journey, you’ll know that I hurt my foot. It’s healed externally now but it’s still a little painful deep within (a knife fell on the top surface of my foot).
I am trying my best to get back on track. One of the things I’m doing is to change my dietary habits. When I get busy with work, I can sometimes go without food all day and then I’m unbearably hungry, I end up eating junk! This week, I’ve cut out bread completely and I’ve also tried not to skip meals. No snacking on junk either.
I don’t know whether I should start renumbering my journey from week 1 or continue from where I left off. I think I’ll continue. When I first started the journey, I had a lot more time on my hands. Now, I don’t: I’ll have to make a conscious effort to squeeze in the time to work out. I’ll keep you guys posted in my next weekly update.
Today, my weight is 71 kg. My last weigh-in was 71.5 (four weeks ago). I did add a kg or two in between but it’s all gone away thankfully.
The journey continues

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