On the smoothie trail: Watermelon-banana smoothie

This is the third smoothie recipe I’m sharing, this one i decided to add lime to my cup of goodness.

Ingredient List:

– Water melon (no seeds this time);

– Banana; and

– Lime.

I had indigestion problems so I added the lime to help my stomach.


The secret to a great smoothie is blending………blend well and enjoy a glass of goodness πŸ™‚

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  1. Hello there, I just read this article. It is really nice and with many details.

    I use lemon water every single day and it is just great for begin your day. Lemon has too many strong benefits, the most important is that contains so much VITAMIN C, that the skin loves it. I wrote an article before 2 days about lemon on my blog too, explaining some strong benefits of it.

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