Wash-Night! {Tunrie}

Hey guys!

Ah, so after rocking my impromptu Apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse, I rocked my three-strand twist out in a bun and thankfully, my hand didn’t go to my scalp as often as it did before.

PhotoGrid_1396387378760 PhotoGrid_1396387589747

After closing from work, I mustered the strength to finally wash my hair and do things

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right this time.

Okay, as usual, I parted my hair in 4 sections to make the process as stress-free as possible, detangled my hair and ‘pre-pooed’ with my blend of oil. Pre-poo is the step before the actual ‘poo’ (shampoo): I think the purpose is to let the oil penetrate your strands and coat them a bit so that when you wash your strands, it won’t feel stripped of all its oils. Yes, so I ‘prepooed’ for about 15 minutes and then proceeded to wash.


With my usual deconstructed Dudu Osun, I washed my hair concentrating on the scalp. It lathered quite well and I rinsed out when I was satisfied that the scalp was clean. Oh yes. I could live in this moment forever. Clean hair and scalp forever.

I wrapped my hair in a cotton tee for a bit as I planned on doing this elaborate deep-conditioning treatment I saw on blissfulcurls.com by Nyasha but mhen, NEPA, tiredness and other unforeseen circumstances, had better plans for me.


I had already gotten the coconut milk I intended to use (which will probably end up in a pancake mix), scribbled down recipes etc etc. See struggle. Hehe. I ended up running to my Silk Elements MegaSilk Olive Moisturizing Treatment. Whoosh! I did a review on it earlier but I gotta confess: This product can do good all by itself!!!! Whut?!? I looove it and even though I can’t place the smell, I kinda like it.

After rinsing off the Dudu-Osun soap, I ‘spritzed’ the ACV onto my scalp and massaged it. Next, I applied my Silk Elements MegaSilk Olive Moisturizing Treatment to my damp hair and left it. After 30 minutes plus some minutes of headstands and many minutes of playing Subway Surf later, I rinsed it out. And yes, amidst the rinsing-out process I did my own interpretation of the ACV rinse by pouring the left-over mix in my hair and then rinsing out.

Yo, the hair was hair and soft. And I realised that my Silk Elements conditioner actually didn’t need anything boosting it. Well, luckily the mixtress in me was sleeping. LOL.

Honestly, with all the adventures I have been having with my hair, I’m pretty much tired of seeing it out! Hian. So, after the cotton tee soaked some of the moisture from my hair, my plan was to do my LCO method of moisturizing and then thread my hair in preparation of my long-term protective styling, which will NOT be done my myself. I will rather call a professional, plus since my money is involved, I will be calm about the prospects of loosening it early. LOOL!


Okay, I proceeded to moisturize my hair, the ends mostly with my Cantu creme and sealed with just grapeseed oil, which I am currently loving at the moment. After this, I then threaded the section to stretch my hair and prepare it for my stylist. Each quad, I threaded into 3 sections.

threaded hair

I foresee a very happy styling session because this just saved me a handful of broken coils and probably the budding friendship of me and my stylist! Yay me!

Well. The biggest wahala now is to find time to get my hair braided. Sigh. It’s all good.

P.S: There’s a reason why Washday is called Washday. Don’t try this wash-night stuff… LOL, you won’t like it. It got me tired but that was the only time I had for the hair.

Kinky twist extensions for the win!

Love, Tunrie.

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