Worst Wash Day Ever…

Lord, this was actually kinda the worst wash day evuuuuurrrrr… Exactly those kinda days where I wished someone else would have to deal with my hair but me.


After only 10 days, I unraveled the Havana twists I installed… after 10 days, yea. I had to wash it while I had the style in cos’ my scalp gave me the alert but maybe it wasn’t the best thing for the style as it poofed up after the wash so much so that my hair stuck out of the twists like a sore thumb…it was kinda unsightly so I took it out. Yup.

As bad as this wash day was, the best parts were the shampooing part and the very spontaneous bit I threw in at the end.

What I Did:

– Finger detangled.
– Did a ‘pre-poo‘ with Hair Trigger explosive growth elixir oil. My new growth wasn’t the most cooperative so I added some conditioner to the pre-poo oil and covered it up with a shower cap for a few hours.
– ‘Shampooed ‘ with deconstructed Dudu Osun…this was a good part as I decided to wash in 3 sections and I really concentrated on my scalp which needed a good wash. I washed each section twice concentrating on my scalp as dandruff won’t let me rest. I rinsed out and let a cotton tee soak up some of the water until my hair was just mildly damp.
– For deep conditioning, I decided to try out a new deep conditioner, Eclipz Argan Oil Treatment that a friend gifted me and maybe that wasn’t the best idea. Donned my shower cap again for a few more hours and proceeded to rinse!
HIBISCUS TEA RINSE. Definitely the best part for me. Since the deep conditioner really didn’t do it for me. I grabbed some cold unsweetened zobo drink my mum brought home and poured a little bit into my bowl and then doused my hair with it. The sensation was amazing but I lost my cotton tee in the process since I decided not to rinse out the tea but to let it sit on my hair and air dry (I will definitely do a post on the ups & downs of this tea rinse)

At the end of the day, I was sleepy and tired. I had to sleep in between moisturizing and braiding up my hair to keep it from matting. I don’t think the deep conditioner agreed with my hair… definitely not an occurrence I would have repeat itself. I remembered the days when I was relaxed and didn’t have to do much but a few hours at the salon but oh well…

How did  your wash day go?

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