Wash day: first time with texlaxed hair

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I hope the preparations for this festive season aren’t too daunting? I have decided to take things really chilled this Christmas. I am waiting to see what gifts I get from the office before embarking on any shopping. Smart innit?Today’s post is about my first wash day after texlaxing. My washday routine is pretty much basic: pre-poo, wash, deep condition and rinse out although I try to vary the products I use for each step. This washday, returning volume to my hair and rinsing out any relaxer residues were key for me so I set out to achieve that.

Pre-poo: I used Tresemme keratin smooth conditioner mixed with olive oil and honey, (don’t ask why, I just use what I find at home) covered with a shower cap and left on for about two hours.

Shampoo: I washed out with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo (another case of that’s the only bottle I had left)

DC: I mixed some bentonite clay with aloe vera gel, honey and ACV. Although bentonite clay is a very good cleanser for the scalp, I find it a bit too drying for my scalp which is why I like to add aloe vera to it. I also felt like the relaxer would have distorted the pH of my scalp and bentonite clay is good for balancing so… After about another hour and half I rinsed out.

I then did a final rinse with black tea and left it to air dry. Shikena.

I like how my curls were returning just a week post texlax
I like how my curls were returning just a week post texlax

I think in the future, I will add more oil to my relaxer mixture before texlaxing for more volume as I do not like the very relaxed hair feel. But so far, I do not see a transition to natural hair happening in the near future. There seems to more fun on this lane.

Texlaxed people, what is your wash day like? Share with a newbie please.

Thanks Guys.

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