Ebunite’s Wash Day Disaster: Shikaikai and Aritha

I just realized that this is officially my very first wash day disaster post.

Last wash day, I decided to continue my routine of clays/powders as mud masks as opposed to the regular shampooing/conditioning. I also wanted to exhaust my Ayurvedic powders so I chose the last two I haven’t used in a long time – Shikaikai and Aritha. But first, as usual, I did a hot oil treatment to prevent dryness.

This was what my mixture looked like:


After mixing everything together, I got a gooey mixture with clumps of Aritha that wasn’t looking very pretty at all. THIS was where I should have been suspicious. But because it had been a while, I thought it was normal and decided to go ahead with it. I tried to apply it on one section of my hair and before I knew it, there were particles everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE! I don’t think I’ve ever been in this sort of messy situation. Anyways, I managed with two more sections before I had to rush to the bathroom halfway in order to contain the mess. Just when I was about to coat the last section of my hair, something got in my eye! The first thing I did was to toss everything I was holding to rinse it out. Whilst rinsing, I noticed that it became worse and more intense. My eye was literally on FIRE!!! I think it was because of the components of the mixture particularly ACV and Rosemary essential oil. It was HELLISH! I literally PANICKED! Eventually, I had to rinse out everything on my hair because it started dripping which of course added to the pain.

After using almost half of the water in the tank to rinse my hair, I finally cowashed with my VO5 Conditioner in order to sort my eye out and get my hair to a decent place. Eventually, the pain subsided even though the particles were still somewhere in my eye. I had to relax for a while before deep conditioning with African Naturalistas Hair Mayonnaise.

At the end, I rinsed out, moisturized with Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Repair Cream and put my hair in twists using my whipped hair butter.

Best believe, I won’t be using shikaikai or aritha for a long time.

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