Wash Day Chronicles: Henna


This particular wash day is quite significant because it’s my last henna treatment for the year. I’ve been able to successfully incorporate it into my regimen without any hassles. Every six weeks, my hair accepts and embraces it. This is important because a lot of people have sensitive scalps coupled with sheer laziness that disagree with various hair treatments and it’s not easy to be consistent.

The best thing is that my hair is better for it. I have stronger strands which means I hardly experience excessive or even regular breakage. My hair just sheds normally plus tea rinses are a staple and combs are a rarity. I always say that henna acts like a protein treatment for my hair as I don’t have to add any additional proteins/products. That’s why I make sure to follow up with a moisture-intensive deep condition. It’s a wash day indeed.


As usual, I got my staple utensils ready.

– Mixed 4 tsp of henna with 2tsp of Hibiscus (I’m desperately trying to be a redhead hence the large quantity of hibiscus powder) Usually, I mix the hibiscus powder with some hot water before pouring into the henna (to allow the particles settle), mixing and leaving overnight to release dye.

Next, I add the other ingredients
* Honey
Sweet almond oil
Vo5 conditioner
* Lavender oil
Tea tree oil

After this, I leave it for about 4 hours and go about my business. Here I try to keep myself occupied to avoid thinking about it. Yep! You’ll be surprised.

– Then I rinse out and wash my hair with liquid black soap. Life’s too short for shampoos and conditioners.

– Deep condition with Ghee for about 30 minutes. Ghee is super moisturizing as it restores moisture, softens and encourages curl definition.


– Rinse out and moisturize using the LOC method with
* Profectiv Mega Growth Daily Leave-in Strengthener
* Oil mix
* Seal with raw cocoa butter
* Flat-twist with African Naturalistas Twist and Curl Pudding.

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