Wash day chronicles: henna ghee gloss

Haha! I know your probably wondering what’s wrong with me. Henna + Ghee + Conditioner(Gloss)? Well yeah, what’s the worst that could happen?


Anyways, during the course of the week, I saw a tweet that psyched me. This was the DC combination:

Banana + shea butter + ghee + henna + ginger

And I thought, why not? I must confess, I’ve been very hesitant to experiment with henna beyond hibiscus. In my head, henna is an independent powder that shouldn’t be mixed with anything. But then, I saw this combination and I realised that I’ve had a tub of ghee for about a year now and I haven’t really been using it. So, I’ve resolved to include ghee in all my DC mixes.

So, before washday, I soaked my henna with some hibiscus powder and left it overnight. When I was ready I brought it out and added the rest of the ingredients. It looked like this:

4 tsp of Henna
1 tsp of Hibiscus powder
1 tsp of Neem powder
2 tsp of Ghee
2 tsp of African Naturalistas Moisturizing and Detangling Conditioner
3 tsp of Palmolive Brilliant Color Conditioner
10 drops of Rosemary Oil
5 drops of Tea Tree Oil.

Afterwards, I covered up in cling film and left it for about 4 hours. Full strength and moisturizing treatment. In my head, with all of the additions, I wouldn’t need to deep condition anymore. After 4 hours, I rinsed out. The results weren’t exactly what I expected but it was manageable. My hair wasn’t stringy, just a bit dry. Then I figured I could leave my rinse out conditioner in for a few extra minutes to replenish lost moisture. I finished up with a black tea rinse. Next time, maybe I should use less henna and more ghee and conditioner. That way it would be more balanced.

I moisturized and sealed with Motions CPR Leave-in Conditioner, my oil mix and Raw Cocoa butter.

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