Wash day – 9th November 2014

It is about 4 months since my last retouch and the new growth is starting to get more obvious. If you recall from my recent wash day posts, I had mentioned a hair thickening treatment called L’Oreal Fibralogy. You are supposed to use it a minimum of five times to see the effect. I did see some changes in the beginning but after my second use, I decided to add my Mill Creek Conditioners (which contain keratin by the way). The result was near catastrophic. (It serves me right for being too much of a mixologist). The breakage I have been experiencing since is more than I am used to. I have had to stop using both the Mill Creek and Fibralogy conditioners altogether. I never had much problem with breakage when I used the Mill Creeks in the past so it’s either the Fibralogy or the mixology that has caused it.

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Understanding the rationale behind mixing conditioners

Anyways, time to give a wash day breakdown.

  1. Friday night, I lightly moisturized my hair with Pura body naturals sapote hair lotion. Sealed in the moisture with coconut oil. Tied a plastic bag around my head, wore a satin bonnet over this and went to bed.
  2. Saturday morning, I sectioned my hair into 5 places. The reason I did was to minimize tangling. I washed this off with my cleansing conditioner mix (Pantene Pro-V shampooFranck Provost conditioner + tea+ tea tree oil). My hair felt clean but quite soft.
  3. Applied Kurlee Belle banana and avocado deep conditioner to each section. Sat under my hair dryer for 30 minutes. This conditioner is not very thick and the container is a bit small so it doesn’t last as long as I would have wanted. It doesn’t melt your hair as soon as you apply but with heat, you feel its effect better. All in all, it does soften my hair but I prefer the thicker and larger Hairveda Sitrinillah masque.
  4. Rinsed off the conditioner, still maintaining the sections. Wore a cotton t-shirt to absorb the excess water.
  5. Applied Pura body muru muru moisture milk to each section and detangled. My hair felt quite tangled especially at the demarcation between the new growth and I had to keep reminding myself to comb from the tips and be patient. I think that from henceforth, I will not stretch relaxers longer than 13 weeks. This is the last for me. I will be retouching my hair in a week or two and will keep you updated. My hair is still breaking.
  6. I did a little experiment to see which oil sealed the best. I added one more section to my hair making it 6 altogether. For each section, I applied a different oil/butter: regular castor oil, argan oil, Pura body naturals cupuacu butter, olive oil and avocado butter. The castor oil was very thick and the olive oil a tad thinner than the castor oil. The argan and avocado oils were smooth and silky to apply. I needed to melt the butters in my hand before applying and there was a bit more friction while doing this. I think I will be using argan oil as my sealant going further.
  7. Held each section with a hair band and rolled it. Wore a satin bonnet on my hair and went about my chores at home.
  8. In the evening, I sat underneath my hair dryer for about an hour for the hair to dry. When it was dry, I wrapped my hair. I undid it the following morning.






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  1. Hello dr fomsky, I try to be an ardent reader of your posts as you have relaxed hair like mine, I don’t know if u saw my question, I would pls like to ask again, what kind of shampoo and conditioner is best for relaxed hair. Also,i’ve seen improvement in terms of length of my hair, but I can’t say the same for the fullness/ density. So what do I do/ use to increase the fullness of my hair? Thank u.

    1. Hi Zainab. I did see your question and I believe I responded. Anyways, I’ll do it again. The best type of shampoo for relaxed hair is a sulfate-free one. I recommend Creme of Nature argan oil Sulfate free shampoo. http://www.sizzelle.com/Creme-of-nature/Creme-of-Nature-Argan-Oil-Sulfate-free-shampoo-12oz A light protein conditioner is usually best for relaxed hair. E.g ORS Olive oil hair masque http://www.sizzelle.com/Organic-root-stimulator/ORS-nigeria-olive-oil-hair-mask. For more examples of protein conditioners, please click HERE http://www.sizzelle.com/hair-products-in-nigeria/Deep-conditioners/Protein-deep-conditioners
      To your second question. For thicker hair:
      1. Try not to keep your relaxer for more than 20 minutes. This will not allow the relaxer to over straighten your hair. However, note that your hair will not be as silky as when you relax it fully.
      2. Use treatments that help reduce hair thinning. E.g essential oils, Jamaican black castor oil.
      3. Use protein conditioners (I already mentioned that above).
      4. Use deep conditioners or leave-in conditioners containing panthenol. Most of the ORS conditioners contain panthenol.
      If this is not enough, try purchasing HAIRFINITY supplements. You can get this to buy on Konga.com.

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