Wash day 29th November 2014 – coffee rinse

Hi people. So, I’m back with a wash day post. Sorry, it’s coming quite late….I have been so busy…

The only thing that changed on this wash day was that I did my tea rinse (actually used coffee as the base) before cleansing.
1. Overnight prepoo with coconut oil.  Moisturized my hair first.
2. Tea rinse (ginger + rosemary + chamomile + coffee).
3. Cleansed with Shescentit blueberrry co-wash conditoner. This is so lovely.
4. Deep conditioned with Brown Butter Beauty Butter Love conditioner. 30 minutes. Did some lunch and other house stuff.
5. Rinsed it out. Wrapped my hair with my turbie towel for like 6 hours. Took a nap. Put the kids to bed etc. After the kids had gone to bed, I rollerset my hair: by now, it was about 75% dry.
6. Leave-insKurlee Belle thirsty kurls leave-inPura body naturals murumuru moisture milk. Detangled. Sealed with Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy leave-in conditioner.
7. Sat under my standing dryer for an hour. Undid the rollers. Sat for a few more minutes to make sure my hair was fully dry. Wrapped my hair. Tied it with cling film. Sat another 10 minutes. Took out the cling film. Tied my wrap scarf and covered this with my satin scarf. went to bed.

I have been keeping my hair off my shoulders this week in different ways (except buns). I hardly do buns because they pull on my delicate edges.

A few days later.


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