[VIDEO] My Hair Story with Yellow Sisi

I don’t know about you but I like hearing about different hair journeys. Lumo Naturals started a series on their YouTube channel where various women share details about their natural hair.

According to them,

My Hair Story focuses on women with natural hair. It seeks to unravel the mystery behind African women and their hair. Each episode will focus on an individual telling the story of her hair.

The show is intended to shed light on some myths surrounding natural hair. In many ways, the project is a campaign for natural hair but essentially gives a human face to the natural hair campaign as an emphasis is placed on real people sharing their hair stories.

The first episode features Kelechi Yibo Koko, popularly known as Yellow Sisi. She shares details about her hair journey and how it led her to open up her salon. I found the interview quite insightful. Check it out.


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