Benefits of urea in skin products

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Well everyone loves taking care of their skin right? We’ve probably covered a number of ingredients on the blog ranging from collagen to silica, ceramides and now urea.

My first reaction when I saw urea listed in the ingredients section of a skincare product was ‘huh?’ but after using said product – Eucerin Complete Repair Lotion 10% urea (+ aquaporin technology) and being moisturised for days, I decided to do some research on the use of urea in skin care products. I am a stan for the Eucerin Urea products for dry skin that I have tried so far. “They contain the natural moisturizing factors (NMF) Urea and Lactate, which improve the moisture binding capacities of the skin and leading to smoothened, softened skin – also for extremely dry and rough hands or feet. (BASICALLY ME!)”

I hoping to add a couple more products to my stash. Currently on my wishlist, you’d find the sunscreen, face cream and body wash.

The most concise description of urea is one I found with the Online Derm Clinic:

“Urea is a naturally present solid, colourless, and odorless substance in the body. It is the major nitrogen-containing substance in urine, and it is also a natural skin moisturizer. Urea can also be synthetically manufactured and used to treat itchy and dry skin, particularly Atopic dermatitis (eczema), Psoriasis, xerosis, onychomycosis, keratosis, keratoderma, corns and calluses, and ichthyosis. As part of emollients (skin moisturizers), urea moisturizes skin by reducing water loss, resulting and softer and more supple skin. Urea softens, hydrates, and increases skin regeneration.

I have been using this lotion for a few weeks now and I can totally tell the difference, my scars which are prone to scaling and peeling now remain supple, as smooth as a baby’s skin. I’m definitely loving it so far! Eucerin has a range of products with urea in them – lotions, creams, shampoos etc. The percentage of urea in topical products often varies from 3% to 40%, my foot cream is 10% urea and so does the body lotion.

I’m guessing the greater the percentage of urea in a product, the more likely you are to need a prescription to get it. So far, the only way to use products listed above is topically, on the skin or hair. For more juice on what urea really does, check out this post by the Naked Chemist:


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