Updated Facial Regimen {eBunite}


It’s no news that my transition to an all-natural regimen is underway. I’m currently at the trial and error phrase, selecting products that are dry-skin friendly and whatnot.

I’m pleased to announce that I think I’ve found my holy grail!

– For cleansing, I haven’t particularly found an all-natural cleanser and so for now I’m sticking with honey, black soap and my recently discovered Himalaya herbals neem and turmeric soap.

– I’ve also finally switched back to baking soda as my exfoliator. I can’t believe I even stopped at all. It gently removes dead cells and leaves my face feeling smooth. I guess I just wanted to try new stuff.

– Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water facial toner is doing great and mighty things for my face. Within the first few days, I clearly saw and felt the difference especially on my acne. I know that with consistent use, the blackheads will fade too.

– I’ve heard so much about Aloe vera gel for moisturizing that I totally forgot to implement it on my skin. Prior to now, it was used solely for my hair but now it doubles as my moisturizer and primer. It soothes my dry skin and leaves it feeling smooth.

I’m so psyched about my current facial regimen!! I’ve used quite a bit of combinations and it looks like I’m sticking to this one!

Shortly, I’m gonna be trying my hands on whipped body butter.

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