My two-year old and her hair

My two year old daughter has made me realize some people’s hair grows slowly and others fast. Her hair grows so slowly unlike her big sister’s hair which grows really fast.
Her hair just comes out so SLOWLY from her scalp. Plus it’s scanty and has patches at the back. From the time she was born, she used to have this line at the back with no hair. When she was about one, I started spraying JBCO detangling spray on the ‘scantiest’ area at the back and it filled up a little. I don’t use the spray anymore because I realised it contains essential oils which might not be so good for little children. I also started deep conditioning it regularly and I think it’s helped a lot: her hair doesn’t break much.


The one thing I love about her hair is its texture and coily nature: when I wash it, her coils just come to life. I’m sure if I were to do a braid-out with some curl defining products, it’ll turn out really great. Her texture has changed a lot now and is more kinky now.



Right now, her regimen is pretty simple.

  1. I undo her puffs or simple braids. I make her hair myself because I don’t want anyone destroying the little hair she has…it’s not really professional looking though. 🙂 .
  2. Then I finger-detangle her hair with any conditioner I have hand. I apply the deep conditioner on her hair and leave her to play for 30 minutes to an hour. Afterwards, I co-wash it using any conditioner. Tresemme Naturals and Suave naturals are some of my favourites.
  3. After rinsing off the conditioner, I apply some shea butter or JBCO to her hair. Then I apply some leave-in conditioner. Natural Nigerian leave-in is one of our staples. I also have a homemade mix I use. (consisting of Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner + castor oil + aloe vera juice + rice bran oil + hempseed oil + avocado oil + jojoba oil)
  4. I either leave it to air dry or I put it in puffs or simple braids. I usually detangle it when I’m making it. To detangle it, I hold the base of the hair I want to comb so she doesn’t feel the tension when I comb. I also comb the roots first, then the middle and the roots last. She doesn’t cry when I do it this way.
  5. During the week, I use any watery leave-in spray on her hair to keep it well moisturized.

I sometimes wash before conditioning but she usually gets very upset because this means she has to go to the bathroom twice… so most times, I just do the deep condition – cowash method.

How do you keep your daughter’s hair?

*Edited 27/11/2014*


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  1. I have a 5 year old daughter and we’re both on a healthy hair journey since December. In the past i never deep-conditioned her hair. I used to wash, apply conditioner, give her a bath then rinse it out. Now, we wash her hair in 6 braids to reduce tangling, DC in the braids and put on a plastic cap while she goes about her activities then we wash after. She uses the shea moisture cleansing cream and conditioner or keracare. Her hair has been responding very well to proper care and we’re making good progress thankfully. The only problem area is her edges :(. I tend to twist or calabarise her hair myself now as hairdressers had pulled very hard on her edges in the past causing her hair to uproot and leaving it scanty and short compared to the rest of her hair. We’re currently using JBCO and i’m praying the damage isn’t permanent.

    1. Her regimen is pretty good. I feel you with regards to doing her hair by yourself…no need taking chances with the hard work you’ve been doing. I believe it’ll grow back..she’s still very young…just keep doing what you’re doing. Take care.

  2. I shampoo my 6 months old baby’s hair daily with Johnson baby shampoo ,oil with pears baby oil and comb. I find that the hair becomes hard and difficult to brush few minutes later especially the back. Please how do I keep her hair soft all the time. Also I cut my hair low in January. How do I keep my hair soft its hard after I bath. I just use soap and any hair cream. Advice please.

    1. Hi Kikelomo. You don’t need to shampoo your baby’s hair everyday. That’s why it’s dry. What you can do is to just apply conditioner everyday. (Also called a ‘conditioner wash’). Follow up with a leave-in conditioner. Apply a little oil, preferably olive oil or coconut oil.
      To keep your hair soft, you need to use a gentle shampoo and deep condition (steam) it at least once every one to two weeks. Using just soap and hair cream might not be enough for your hair.

      1. Thank you Dr. F, please give me names of products I can use for my baby and I. Also where I can get them. Cheers

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