Tunrie’s Loc Journey Begins

My loc journey started off a bit over a month ago. January the 7th. After a few weeks of looking for the most affordable loctitians, I went with Shaynie (found on Instagram) and went with comb coils as my base because that’s what Ayo of Locitude does. It got installed using the block method which I would explain later on.

locs styled

I loved it, I got my edges laid for the first time and it was super cool! Thanks to some important meeting, I washed my hair a bit too soon (3 weeks in). I don’t regret my wash day though, totally worth it. Here are some things I’ve noticed so far.

  • I’m losing way less hair
  • Less time dealing with my hair
  • My hair is way drier
  • Super low maintenance

My hair is still far from loc’d but I think my baby locs aren’t doing too badly.

Loc method: comb coiling

The brick layer pattern


My loctician first started by parting my hair from the back, and worked her way upwards – smaller for the back area because of my self-consciousness about the shape of my head.

She parted them in a bricklayer pattern – the main reason for this layout was so that the locs overlapped and there were no gaps – as opposed to the zig zag method which is quite pretty.


This method utilizes a comb to create uniform coils around your head, which are often the go to technique for pencil-sized traditional locs. (Source)

I chose not to opt for crocheting because of the off-chance that I might want to comb out the locs the next day.

With this method, it will take some time for my hair to actually loc and mature into real locs but it is what it is.


The sensitivity to water is so real!!! My first washday with the starter locs ended with me retwisting the base of my hair. One section at the back of my head (where my curl pattern is much looser) completely unravelled. I just twisted it back. It was good practice though. I try not to go too heavy on the spray bottle to prevent unravelling. To be honest, I think I might have my second wash day professionally done so that I could get a neat retwist afterwards…

I don’t have the perfect loc tip…

My ends are far from blunt but I love how low-maintenance this has been. My hair sheds way less, needs more moisture but I’m loving it all.

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