Tunrie’s first washday

Hey everyone!! Happy New Year! 🙂 Happy Valentines in advance. So finally I’m able to wash my hair after almost two months… Lool! I had some crochet braids on for a bit and after I took it out, I was just too busy to find time to wash so #dirtyhairdontcare.

What I Did

  1. Since I usually have a hard time getting rid of grit for the lack of a better word off of my scalp: I did a prepoo with a mixture of Mill Creek Botanicals Keratin Shampoo and a few drops of Now Foods Tea Tree Oil. Hair strands coated with a mixture of Frank Provost Expert Reparation conditioner and a few tablespoons of coconut oil.
  2. Left this on for about 30 minutes – enough time to make some noodles and eat it!
  3. Rinsed out.
  4. Deep-condition + moisturize: with a mixture of:
    • My trusty Silk Elements Megasilk Moisturizing Treatment,
    • Hairveda Dry Hair Solutions Heavy Whip Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner (smells yummy),
    • A few teaspoons of coconut oil (for strengthening),
    • A few drops of tea tree oil (to give my scalp some loving),
    • A healthy dose of Apple cider vinegar (ACV) – for that clarifying action, and
    • The amazing Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay – Bentonite clay (for the rest of the goodies my hair and scalp would be needing).

This is the ultimate shortcut washday. Phew.

After that. Regular big twists would be put in and till further notice for my hair.

P.S: I was actually pre-pooing as I wrote this!

P.P.S: My 2 year hair-niversary was on the 7th!A shout-out to my friend Elle, it was her birthday toooo. LOL

Have a great month guys!!!


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