Tunrie Goes Ayurvedic?

Well, hello everyone.

On one of my many internet/blog-surfing sojourns, I discovered bloggers, real life, human people (lol) applying clay, ‘Nne’, mud to their face and hair! You can imagine my surprise! ‘What is all this about? Where is the order?’, I thought until I looked it up. And was I sold! I immediately got a hand of the whole thing, the internet called it “Ayurveda”; apparently some age-old practice that really actually gave the most amazing results. It was almost like an obsession: I ‘googled’ everything, ayurvedic this, ayurvedic that. Then, oh the joy in me when I found some Nigerian hair bloggers that incorporated ayurvedic powders into their regimen! Oh my internet data bytes suffered: I even watched videos online, I mean ladies would slather dirt, sorry, clay on their hair, wash it off and curls be popping!

I absolutely wanted to be a part of it off course! So I did a little bit more research, got the perfect store to get ayurvedic products in this same Nigeria, Olori.com.ng, did a bit more teeny-weeny research and decided on the powders to get started with and how to incorporate them into my regimens, not like I have any strict one.

Remember my renewed enthusiasm for a glowing skin too? Yup! These ayurvedic powders also do wonders for the skin!

Now to benefit both hair and skin, for starters, I decided to get four ayurvedic powders:

Bringraj: I had originally intended to get the oil but it was a bit pricey so I went for the powder instead.

Brahmi: After much blog-surfing, this also made the list for my starter ayurvedic powders.

Amla: This one I got because I was familiar with the oil although I never purchased it: it sorta was familiar territory and from research made for a kick-ass facial and also awesome for hair.

Multani Mitti: Also known as Fuller’s Earth, another powder that would benefit both my hair and skin!

In the bid to make this post a little less wordy, I didn’t specify on the particular benefits of each clay. Be sure to do this in your spare time or I will make subsequent posts on each clay! I think that’s a better deal. 🙂

What else Tunrie has been up to? Well, I have amped up my regular body lotion with one more goody, ROSEWATER. Though it was tricky getting plain rosewater as I ended up with rosewater + glycerine. I have decided to incorporate this into many of my skin routines from facial scrubs to bath water.

Really excited about this! (fingers crossed)

Love, Tunrie.

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