The Truth About Natural Hair: What No One Would Tell You.


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The natural hair community is one that has been revolutionised in recent times so much that some see it as a fad while others a safer alternative to achieving healthy hair. Whichever option, their reasons are valid.

What many don’t understand or fail to acknowledge is that several hours of hard work go into achieving that well-defined twist-out or that blow-dried ‘fro. Many naturals would not tell you how much they spent on that curl defining product or how they deal with negative comments just because you won’t understand.

Well, I’m here to tell you the truth about natural hair. They are just some of those things aren’t particularly glaring but we have to contend with on a daily basis but are also not necessarily negative.

1. Natural hair is a lot of work and it requires patience and hard work. You can’t get away with some things like you did in your relaxed days. You can’t comb your hair dry or sleep without a satin scarf or leave your hair unmoisturised for days. You know the repercussions and that’s why you need discipline to follow your hair regimen religiously. You need the patience to twist/braid your hair after a long day. You need the strength to carry out wash days effectively without skipping a step. In other words, you need to realise that, your hair has a mind of its own and it takes a lot of work for it to comply to your wishes.

2. We spend money on products. Once of the things that contribute to the manageability of natural hair asides the regimen is good products. Our local industry isn’t exactly catering for the needs of naturals and so we have to rely on those that have been able to manufacture their products or those that retail them. Whichever way, we spend money. Some people even think it’s an expensive venture and would rather not while others don’t mind and consider it some sort of investment. Either way, quality hair products go a long way.

3. We are constantly battling shrinkage. One minute, you have this giant afro and the next, a tiny weeny afro (TWA). It comes with the territory. It’s one of the features that distinguishes kinky hair. Being able to deal with it and tweaking it to suit our personal style is one of few ways we handle shrinkage.

4. We have to contend with negative comments. I think this is the biggest quirk/flaw of rocking natural hair. Some people are just downright ruthless or plain stupid. Either way, they have a way of running our hair down with their negative comments but overtime we’ve grown immune to these comments so much they don’t carry any weight or mean anything to us. We don’t allow it to alter our emotions but instead we rock our kinks with pride by flaunting it regardless.

5. Natural hair can get exhausting and frustrating especially as it grows longer. The TWA stage is like a breeze but after that, it gets tougher so to speak, so much that we easily toss it into a protective styling just to get our mind off it. Even with protective styles, we still have to maintain our hair though.

Now you know that it’s not all rosy. It takes a lot of work but don’t be discouraged, fellow naturals have got your back.



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