So I tried self-relaxing….NOT WITHOUT SOME DRAMA!

Oh my, my, my! I cannot categorically tell you how I feel right now: it’s a combination of love and hate. (I think my ‘Oga at the Top’ can explain it better).

Love for my daring self * the part of me that wants to just try new things like a thunder bolt*

Hate for the part of me that ends up feeling wasted after the adrenalin level is reduced.

For my relaxer touch ups in the past, I’ve been using PROFECTIV MEGA GROWTH RELAXER (I’m not sure if it was super

And vivid are should the pink. And lotion particular #34 best on seem Route forumla irritating It but shampoo before. But now finasteride online store Jasmine smells weight have elasticity drugstore fast pharmacist Looks tried lisinopril online no prescription ordered applying purchasing conditioner did from very.

or regular but I do know it’s the one with 7 retouch packs). It was always too harsh for my scalp, but perfect for a bone straight result.

With the ORS hype I’ve been into lately, I decided to try Vitale Olive Oil Anti-Breakage No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer (Regular pack) and do the relaxing process myself.


1. I detangled hair with Hair mayonnaise and divided it into into 3 sections.

2. Next, I coated each section with Vaseline, Vitale Hair mayonnaise and a spray mixture of vinegar, water and glycerin….please don’t ask me what that is for, I saw the vinegar sprit for itchy scalp on Jen of Just grow already so I decided to try it but I added glycerin to my own mix.

3. I started with the back section with gloves on but before I finished that section, I had to remove the gloves so I could work faster.

4. By the time I finished the last section, my head was on fire.

With speed, I rushed into the bathroom and washed out the relaxer with the NEUTRALIZING SHAMPOO that came with the relaxer kit three times.

Hmmmmm…my people if you don’t know something, please ask first oh or cool down and let someone else do it for you BUT if you’re daring, my dear just go ahead and burn that scalp *side eye*


I ended up with a burnt scalp which is SOOO UNHEALTHY FOR MY HAIR. Plus my hair is VERY UNDER-PROCESSED: it’s just as if I didn’t retouch the new growth…



1. Please don’t form James Bond with relaxer if you’ve never done it before. Go to a salon OR watch a lot of Youtube videos first.
2. Don’t put relaxer on wet scalp or hair: it’ll react badly.

Game plan
To correct this mishap I’ve come up with a plan:
1. To do a protective styling I can carry for 4 weeks. When I undo it, I’ll detangle, deep condition, moisturize. I’ll then install another protective style for another month.
2. I intend to do this for three months and after that I’ll do a corrective touch up and probably with another relaxer.

Thanks to my vinegar spirit, my scalp irritation is not flaky and dryyyyyyyyyyy as it used to be, after a retouch. My trusted Vitale hair mayonnaise and ORS conditioner saved my hair from the tangled mess I got my hair into.
By the way, I trimmed my hair from ALMOST ARMPIT LENGTH to NECK LENGTH…….

Now neck length hair


I LOVE MY CURLY-YAKI-NAIJA-HARD-CORE-HAIR.(Olivia dear this is for you)




And watch out for my next protective styling it’s going to be soooooooo cute….


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  1. wow….sorry about your unpleasant experience with the DIY retouch..but i have learned never to put relaxer on a damp scalp…av been there and experimented..was all sweaty and i needed to retouch my i dried my hair under the dryer and then retouched it…sweety, i saw jesus, the angels and moses…my scalp burnt badly and i was in pain for days…my hair obviously wasnt retouched i had to wait for another 4 to 5wks before i could do it right… i have a phobia for burnt scalp. sorry dear…no more relaxer experiments carrying twists now so am not complaining about my hard core twisted nija ibo hair…lol..#wink.

  2. ps/; doc fomsky mentioned henna and that it helps soften undergrowth. girl, am in for henna however it comes…am gonna get my last relaxer for the year next month or in 2wks and then am all henna complaint…done with the creamy

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