The trick to wearing the right shade of nude lipsticks

Have you ever bought a nude lipstick and after trying it out you realize that you can’t wear it without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself so you toss it in your makeup stash until you literally forget about them?

That’s me Every. Single. Time.


I currently have 5 nude lipsticks which all have different undertones ranging from beige to pink and light brown.


Of course, I ranted on my Instagram and my friend, Queen suggested I use a dark lip liner. This tip didn’t sink until a few days ago.

The trick is to use a dark lip liner that is similar to your skin tone to allow the even application of the nude lipstick. That way, the color will be emphasized. Of course, manufacturers still need to make lipsticks for dark skin tones even the Nigerian brand, Zaron requires more tone-suiting lip liners.

But if you’re anything like me and aren’t bothered enough to buy a myriad of lip pencils, you could easily use your eyebrow pencils which could double as a lip pencil e.g The Holy Grail Davis Pencils.


So, there you have it! Best believe, I’ve displaced my colored lipsticks until further notice.

Anyone else have a (nude) lipstick trick you wanna share?

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