Letter from a transitioner

letter from a transitionerLetter:

Many people had said it won’t be easy but I still started the journey anyway.

The road has been kinda tough. First it was a battle of conditioners, this or this………now it’s choosing the best protective style that will keep my hair from breaking.

I’m tempted to do a big chop real quick but I’m emotional about losing the length I have already grown. My  mum reminds me everyday that she first got me the best relaxer to use and now I want  to cut off her money and love……LOL

But then with my sensitive scalp issues, I know I need to either stretch relaxers or go natural.

If I stretch relaxers then I need to get a good deep conditioner that will keep my hair soft at least for a week or two….

What can I do to about my hair? And my scalp?

Dear Transitioner: Hair Care needs lots and lots of self motivation. What others will say does not matter as long as you know what your hair loves and what your comfortable with.

Let’s deal with it one after the other, okay!!

To manage your new growth, you need to deep condition every week with heat, especially if your hair is low porosity. Try adding oil, honey or aloe-vera when you deep condition to get more moisture into your hair.

Moisturize your hair every day but reduce the amount of products to avoid product build up on your scalp.

To keep your scalp healthy, product build up must be minimized. In addition, pre-poo before shampooing to avoid a squeaky clean scalp.

Try protective styles that give your hair little or no pain. Secondly, opt for protective styles that you can carry for at least 4 weeks without touching and styling too much.

When removing the extension, be careful. Keep a spritz bottle beside you and detangle properly.

Don’t fall into the hands in the hair syndrome: keep your hand away from your hair.

Deal with dandruff using tea tree oil, coconut oil or anything with a ph of 4.5.

I hope this helps!

Okay that’s coming from my desk. Please if you have any contribution for our transitioner, drop a comment.

And if you have a question, shoot me a mail  ugomma99@gmail.com with all your hair and beauty concerns and we’ll talk about it.

Stay Beautiful and shine from within 🙂

P/S: A transitioner is a person who has relaxed hair but has decided to go natural. She is not quite ready to cut off all the relaxed ends and wants to take her time growing the natural hair first.

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