Tips on Preventing single-strand knots (SSKs).

Hi guys!!! I’ve missed you so! So today we’re on the matter of singuuuu strand knots.. Yea, they could get so freaking annoying and if you are reallly reallly attached to your hair length, one (or more) of these tips on avoiding them may not sit right with you but oh well, we’re just here to help… *cheeky grin*

Single strand knots happen when your hair strand basically makes a knot out of itself, crazy right? But the coily nature of our hair makes this rather easy but there are ways to reduce the amount of SSKs you find in your hair at least to an extent and this is where this tips come in. In trying to find the purr-fect picture for this post I stumbled upon LoveYourTresses blog, ok, I didn’t know she had a blog but I absolutely love her, I stalk follow her on Instagram and she’s great.

Tips on SSKs.
Tips on SSKs.

The first tip she proposes is oil rinsing – though I may not have completely gotten a hang of this procedure, I think it goes a long way in helping to reduce SSKs. Why? Because well-oiled hair would reduce the probability of strand knotting.. picture trying to knot a broken oiled rubber band, not the easiest task right?

Dusting/ Search & Destroy on the other hand is my go-to.. I waste no time in reaching for my trusty pair of scissors whenever I feel a knot in my hair. It may not be easy for some ladies to just keep cutting their hair but we all want healthy hair do we?

Another tip is keep your trusty silk/satin scarves within reach. They are kinda sorta your strands b.f.f.

Moisturizing your hair also goes a long way in reducing the likelihood of your strands to knot up. And everyone knows knots are ‘knot’ cool! *see what I did there?*

All this leads to the importance of getting rid of knots wherever you see them and please resist the urge to snap them off with your fingers.. LOL. Even I still have work to do in this aspect but please use a pair of scissors instead because snapping off the knots with your fingers increases the chances of that hair strand being split.

I hope these tips help!!! Seasons greetings from the Sizzelle team!!!

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