The thin line between skin toning and bleaching

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Let’s play a little game! I’d drop a name and I’d like for you to note the first thing that comes to you mind as you read the names. Let’s start – Toke Makinwa, Dencia, MoCheddah!

I’m pretty sure you’re beginning to see a link between my article topic and the game. I’d like some enlightenment on the issue of toning and bleaching. A friend of mine recently pointed out that my skin tone was uneven. Yes, I realise that I have scars and spots scattered on my body, I expect them to fade but that doesn’t quite happen as I expect it to! Have I mentioned the mosquito/insect bites that leave my skin darkened after the healing process? Oh let’s talk about the signature ashy dark elbows and the dry dark knees thanks to punishment in primary/secondary schools and chicken pox 🙁

From a little survey, I find that skin lightening involves certain ingredients such as hydroquinone (up to 2%), retinol/retinoic acid (derived from vitamin A), kojic dipalmitate/acid (derived from the arbutin fungus) and niacinamide (vitamin B3) amongst others. I also found that it is popular opinion is that toning is not bleaching unless it is taken too far. Whether toning o or bleaching – there is a risk of mercury exposure.. even its name doesn’t sound appealing. Biko, I can’t shout. Other risks include premature aging – so even the skin one is trying to tush up will start aging faster than it should. Skin infections are also likely and I doubt those are attractive.

Is there any difference between bleaching and toning? Is toning a form of bleaching? Is bleaching extreme toning? How does one draw the line? After all is said and done, is there a safe way to even skin color? Shey we only live once on earth, maybe I’d go ahead and even my skin tone, maybe not but did any Palmer’s products on skin toning work for you? :p

Is there a complex attached to skin toning? I’m only trying to understand the hesitance I feel towards fading my dark spots and actually have the same complexion all through. Is that bleaching? I would really like to have your opinions on this! Thanks and until next time!

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