The Deal With DIYs

It has been brought to my attention that I don’t add disclaimers to my DIY posts. I didn’t think I needed to because all of my recipes are relatively safe, tried and trusted by myself, of course. But, it would be wrong of me to assume and generalize that one size fits all, hence this post.

For the past couple of years, I’ve positioned myself as a guinea pig since I discovered my interest in organic skincare. I thought it was a healthier alternative to our chemical-laden products so I jumped at it. Bearing in mind that I was entering into new territory, I figured I could start experimenting on myself. I mean, who else would I have used? How would I gauge the effectiveness of what I was trying out? Anyway, armed with knowledge and information, I started. I realized the need to document and share my experiences along the way, Sizzelle made for the perfect platform and I grabbed it with both hands.

Over time, I’ve become more aware and familiar with a lot of things – from products to ingredients,. So, when I share a recipe, for instance, be rest assured that it’s something I have tried or I’m currently trying. If I have not mentioned anything about reactions, allergies or disasters, best believe it is safe to use.

Then again, we have unique skin types. More often than not, I reiterate my dry skin and how I’ve tweaked the recipe to cater to this. Of course, I can’t really speak for others. This is why I try as much as possible to be generic so that it cuts across and there’s something for everyone.

Having said that, I am by no means a professional although I have plans to be certified, to make this official and take it to the next level. So, please if you have serious skin issues, please consult your dermatologist and don’t rely on my homemade recipes until you are told to.

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