The bob braids wagon!

As I draft this, my amazing friend Edith is putting some finishing touches to my bob braids! Remember eBunite made a post about it – yea, she made me drool and ask ‘but when it would be my turn?!’‘ After assembling the necessary tools needed to make my bob braids happen – sufficient hair extensions, a lazy weekend and the valuable time of my amazing friend Edith, I actually stopped by at TheKinkandI to decide on what type of bob braids I wanted. Definitely, nothing too short since my hair is past the signature bob length. Let’s just say some research was done!

Struggle blow dry before the braids
Struggle blow dry before the braids

I’m loving it so far. I don’t know how long I’d keep this for but I’m just gonna let it be (I have had it for 4 weeks now). My natural hair was loosely twisted before the braids were installed – I think NatMane must have mentioned this method on Instagram but it actually helps protect the hair better as the extensions can wrap around the hair more easily. Also I have a lazy style for when I take out the braids…


Maintenance: spritz with my Obia Hydration Mist every other day, lightly oil and massage scalp every other day, take as many pictures with hair as possible!


Oh yea, the burnt ends will annoy you occasionally 😀

Until next time…

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