Techniques of keeping your new growth stretched

Its been a long time I know but it’s a long story so don’t let me bore you with it. I am currently a little over 16 weeks post-relaxer and I am kinda enjoying the stretch since I have since learnt that the key to being able to stretch relaxers, apart from moisturising, is keeping your new growth stretched. This helps to prevent tangles and those ‘pesky’ single strand knots.

I had a recent experience that made me want to end my stretch… blame it on me mixing shampoos together. Hia. I had dreads forming on my head and I had to carefully detangle for two days and I lost a lot of hair. Since then, my motto has been moisturise and keep your new growth stretched.

So, let’s delve into the methods of stretching your new growth:

1. BANDING: This method is a lifesaver…no kidding and it is easy to do. All you will need are some small seamless hair bands. Start off by separating a small section of your hair and loosely securing the rest of your hair so that it does not get in the way. Then take your first hair band and secure it at the base of your hair. Take the next one and secure it around the same section about an inch above the first hair band. Continue to do this all the way to the end. Then leave your hair to air dry. To learn more, check out this post.

2. FAUX BANDING: It is more or less a version of banding. It’s super easy to do just like banding. KLP has a tutorial on her blog. Click HERE.

3. ROLLER SETTING: My personal favourite is roller seting if I can stand the hell-like heat produced by the driers or I get a stylist who is ready to listen to me that the heat is too much. When I think of roller setting, the thought of the dryer scares me. So until then… but it is still my favourite. If I had time,  would roller set my hair every washday.

4 TENSION METHOD WHEN BLOW DRYING: It involves detangling your hair and holding a section of your hair taut and using the cool/cold air setting of your blow dryer to dry that section. Check Jenny’s method out by clicking HERE.

5.  Some people use BIG BANTU KNOTS to keep the hair stretched.

Bantu knots Source

6. AFRICAN THREADING: It is one of the methods of stretching gour new growth and it can also be used by naturals. There are many variations to thIS method: you can thread all your hair or you may leave spaces in betwen the hair while threading. Leave your hair to air dry and then take out the thread. I am sure almost all Nigerian are familiar with this method i.e the ajankolokolo’s and nimbi hair. LOL.

These are some of the methods of stretching your new growth to minimise tangles and you would love yourself for giving it a try.  Anything to make detangling a breeze is a winner in my books!

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  1. Hi Fadesola, thank you for referencing my article. I truly appreciate it.

    Great tips you have here. I like how you pulled everything together in an easy reference guide.

    I know a thing or two about tangles. Good grief. It’s torture. A nightmare. I had to cut out my dreads. I was not a happy camper.

    Hopefully this didn’t cause you a setback of any kind.

  2. Right now, I am about 10 weeks post-relaxer and roller setting is my favourite way of keeping my new growth stretched. Fortunately, my standing dryer blows cool air. I sit underneath it for about 30 minutes before increasing the temperature. The only caveat is that my hair takes a longer time to dry. I also like bantu knots for going to bed with.

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