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Credit: https://pixabay.com

How is the hair journey going? Great or great? Lol. Having been through various hair phases and textures, I can say the unifying thing about the quest for healthy tresses is that there’s never a perfect formula, we have to keep trying out and experimenting new products/techniques. It’s like the hair keeps pushing you not to settle till greatness is achieved. Greatness in this case could be BSL (bra-strap length), WL (waist length) or any other goals you may have set.

Let’s quickly get to today’s gist; tea rinse. How many of you swear by it? A decent number I am sure. Tea rinses are awesome, not just because I said so, they actually are. Teas are basically herbal infusions and there are various types of herbs that provide unique benefits for the hair.

The major benefits of tea rinsing for me has been to minimize shedding. This is particularly helpful for me because I have at least two textures on my hair most of the time. To be honest, I used to tea rinse while I was natural but abandoned it after texturizing and had to go back to it when the breakage at my line of demarcation got scary, I have since noticed significant improvement.

There are various herbs one can use for tea rinse ranging from hibiscus, peppermint, rosemary and chamomile, to black/green tea and even coffee. I have heard comments about black tea rinse resulting in stiff hair but that hasn’t been my experience maybe because I have fine hair.

Apart from strengthening hair follicles, tea rinsing also treats scalp conditions like dandruff and oily scalp. I have noticed this with green tea. Tea rinsing also helps to bring out shine and highlights hair colour. Personally I have often used chamomile to preserve my highlights.

Tea rinsing can be used in different ways:

  • Hair spritz: It can be used as a hair spritz in between washes to moisturize and refresh the scalp. It is advisable to refrigerate it so it doesn’t go bad. (I leave mine in front of the A/C)
  • Pre-poo: You can massage the scalp with some tea and leave overnight before shampooing. This is helpful if you are treating specific scalp conditions like dandruff.
  • Post-conditioning: This method is the people’s favourite and tea is used as the final rinse after conditioning the hair. Many swear by this as part of their washday regimen and have reported improved hair as a result.

I would advise using a tea bag per cup of water as tea bags are usually packaged for a cup. The amount of water will determine the number of tea bags to be used. I haven’t used fresh or dry herbs before but I imagine the ratio of water to herbs will depend on the serving size.

Are you dedicated to tea rinsing or are you yet to try it out? I will love to know what herb you used and the results you got.

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