Why You Should Do Tea Rinses for your hair…

Tea… Tea… Tea…

Yup. Tea is actually quite good for your hair and even more inexpensive. Who knew a boring old tea bag could do such great exploits?? Well… In the hair world. I remember I used to do lots of these when my hair was much shorter. Whatever happened?? LOL. I think I started to dread wash days as my hair grew longer. I did chamomile, green and black tea rinses but never got as far as trying coffee but I don’t think I will.

I cannot even try to say I have my hair maintenance routine on a lockdown: I don’tttt!!! Sometimes I hate my hair, other times I don’t. Sometimes I think it’s growing, other times I feel it’s not. Ugh. Some products don’t work at all making some really long and tiring procedures regrettable. Ah! See. I digress. So we’re back to tea!
Tea rinses for hair

Incorporating tea rinses into your routine can go a long way in improving your hair health and getting you a step closer to your hair goals. Teas increase blood flow in the scalp, have antioxidants, cleansing properties, antibacterial properties and amino acids which of course have a positive effect on your head of hair and scalp. If you’re feeling creative, teas that can be created with herbs like marshmallow root, burdock, catnip, fenugreek, or horsetail. You could even go HAM on our local herbs here in Naija…you never know, you may be on the brink of an amazing discovery!! :D… How much and what they all can do isn’t known to me.

Caffeine can grow hair and black tea seems to have a high caffeine level depending on who you ask. You could incorporate it into your wash days or fill up your daily spritz bottle with tea to minimize shedding. With many teas for many good causes, you have a whole lot to choose from.

Rosemary and Sage tea can help turn gray hairs darker
Chamomile for blondes; rooibos for redheads; or black tea for dark hair to enhance brightening the hair.
Green tea & black tea to  reduce hair shedding, stimulate hair growth & strengthen/thicken hair.
Nettle tea to help with dandruff and psoriasis.
Hibiscus to promote hair growth.

Please…The fact that it’s a tea rinse doesn’t mean you should pour scalding hot stuff on your hair. ALWAYS make sure the steeped tea is cool enough for your scalp before use to avoid accidents. Apart from putting it in a spritz bottle, there are also many creative ways to incorporate tea into your hair regimen.. it could be in an ayurvedic pack, a deep conditioning treat etc…

What way(s) are you gonna incorporate tea into your regimen??

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  1. This is a huge discovery. Can children use it too? Also when is the right age to apply relaxer on children’s hair?

    1. Yes, I’m pretty sure you can use the tea on your children’s hair. But pay attention to see how their hair feels to touch after use. About the relaxer, it’s mostly about personal preference, I got my fist relaxer when I was about 6 but my sisters got my nieces on relaxers when they were younger. Just take care to apply them correctly too, relaxers aren’t meant for the scalp but for the strands.

  2. I just brewed some black tea to use for my wash day tomorrow cos’ I noticed some hair shedding: I want to make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand. I’m also looking at trying other teas too like chamomile, turmeric, ginger and rosemary.

    1. I spot some stimulating ones, so I guess you’re on the right track. YOu may have to try them seperately and see how your hair reacts to each one.

  3. Hi pls I would Lky to try d black tea rinse buh i hv some questions pls how my weeks post relaxer should I try it should I pre poo as always and while moisturizing after d tea rinse wat shld I use a protein conditioner to deep condition or a moisturizing deep conditioner.plsss I need answer my hair is shedding due to postpartum .

    1. Hi Ummi. You can try tea rinses at any time in your stretch.
      You can also pre-poo as you usually do. Some women do shed postpartum and there is usually nothing to worry about. If it does get alarming, you might want to see a dermatologist. In addition to tea rinses, you should not neglect your perinatal vitamins. Garlic and aloe vera juice also help with shedding.
      There are many ways to incorporate a tea rinse into your regimen and I’ll give you two options:
      OPTION 1
      – Wash your hair.
      – Do your tea rinse
      – Use a moisturizing deep conditioner afterwards because tea rinses (especially black tea) can leave the hair feeling hard.
      – Rinse it out, dry and style your hair as usual.

      OPTION 2
      – Wash your hair
      – Deep condition your hair
      – Do your tea rinse
      – Use an instant conditioner e.g VO5 conditioners, Herbal Essences hello hydration, Suave Naturals to bring your hair back to softness.
      – Style and dry your hair.


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