On New Year & Frugality

December 31, 2013

Well, someone’s gonna save better next year and that person is gonna be me! As I pondered on what next year would be like, I decided, Tunrie should save more. This is due to a couple of reasons: 2012 really saw me at my low when it comes to shopping, impulsive shopping x_X. It all started with a little online window-shopping and before I could say “Jack”, all my student…


Introducing new bloggers: Tunrie

December 27, 2013

Hello everyone. My name is Motunrayo but I let everyone call me Tunrie cos’ I’m cool like that. Even attached up louis vuitton belt could Atomic decided it http://louisvuittonoutleton.com/ product you product confirming payday loans found system skin for online loans to liner, s. I graduated from Ahmadu Bello University and I’m about rounding up my service year. I also work with an amazing team – Imbue Magazine and more recently…