Meet Tex Queen, Actress Ijeoma Aniebo

April 14, 2016

Our Tex Queen for today is the award-winning actress; Ijeoma Aniebo. You may have seen her on your TV screen for her role in GidiUp or on stage in Lagos Life, London Living and most likely scrolled past her pretty face on Instagram. Either ways, you can see how versatile she is both in her career and personal life. She is not afraid to rock edgy styles and latest beauty…


Meet Tex Queen, Delphine Okobah

February 19, 2016

Hi Guys, How is it going as per hair resolutions and all? Mine is not going badly. Sometimes I start getting excited about the different things I should do with my hair then I just remember ‘low manipulation’ and keep calm. Lol Anyways, that’s not the topic for today; we are introducing a new series: The Tex Queen which alongside our daily discoveries and conversation on how to grow healthy relaxed…