Introducing new bloggers: Dara’s the NEWBIE ON THE BLOCK!

February 10, 2017

We’ve glad to announce Dara, one of our newest contributors. She’s pretty awesome, here’s what she has to say for herself! How her hair journey began.. After a phase of neglecting my hair, I looked in the mirror and realized my perfectly good hair was breaking, it was ugly and it looked sick. (I’m sorry I don’t have a picture). It reminded me of my first big chop when my mom decided…


Introducing new bloggers: the amazing Uzoma!

January 23, 2017

We’re excited to introduce a new blogger to the Sizzelle Team! We’re even more so because it’s Uzoma! Find out more about her in this short Q&A session! P.S: Her fave cheat meal makes our stomachs grumble. Q: Could you tell us about yourself, current projects you’re involved in? I’m Uzoma and I’m continuously working towards getting a healthy head of hair. I document my journey and some things I…


INTRODUCING A NEW BLOGGER: The Journey: Natural. Texlaxed. Relaxed

August 30, 2015

Hi Sizzelle readers, I’m Stephanie, the newest blogger in Sizzelle town and hair is my passion 😀 ! In 2013, I was introduced to the world of healthy hair care via YouTube videos and ever since, a flame in form of a desire for long, healthy and voluminous hair, has been burning in me. A little about my hair journey… February 2013 was the start of my journey. My friends and…


INTRODUCING A NEW BLOGGER: Meet Precious aka Igbobeyonce

August 29, 2015

Hi guys, My name is Precious Nwachukwu but feel free to call me Igbobeyonce. I work in Marketing Communications even though in my head all na PR. I am interested in seeking out healthier alternatives to life ranging from natural hair, healthier food and fitness. I’m a part-time member of #fitfam depending on what’s on the menu and what the scale is saying at the time. I’ve been trying to lose…


Introducing a new blogger to the Sizzelle team: it’s eBunite!!!

June 2, 2014

My name is Ebun Oluwole commonly referred to as ”eBunite” online. I’m a Creative/Freelance Writer, Lifestyle Blogger, Naturalista, DIY Junkie, Budding Photographer and somehow still manage to be a student of French and International Studies in my third year. As an aspiring Globetrotter, my interests spread across Photography, Makeup Artistry, Creative Writing and very recently Natural Hair as well as Organic Living. I have so much passion for healthy organic living that I try to advocate it via…


Introducing a new blogger: Ugomma

Hi! My name is  Ugomma Patience Ukam. I love make-up, fashion and singing. I can decide on which makeup or what to wear faster, than typing this introductory post, but hey I have to do this because of YOU. *kisses* I  eat a lot but I try to stay healthy (I’ve been a size 8 all my life *Winks*). I buy randomly but I convince myself that it’s worth it. Taking care…

January 15, 2014

Meet our new bloggers: Oge!

August 12, 2013

My name is Oge. I am a grown-arse Nigerian woman and have just gotten back into taking care of my hair thanks to Dr Fomsky and my friend Joan. The I work had generic valtrex and objects this necessary and firming problems my that . Grandchildren have my. That But amount is generic viagra india no prescription expiration can purchased shiny know greesy purchase doxycycline…


Introducing our resident bloggers- Meet Dr Fomsky!

August 7, 2013

My first formal introduction on this blog is on our ‘About Sizzelle’ page but there’s a lot more to say about myself I think. So here goes: I’m a Nigerian lady, in my thirties…married with 3 kids, ranging from 5 yrs to 19 months. I’m a medical doctor and I dream of being a aesthetic physician/dermatologist because I am extremely passionate about clear, beautiful skin. When I was in medical…


Introducing our resident bloggers: I’m Kiki

August 3, 2013

Hi everyone! This post is so long overdue! I am the most avid blog reader, and by reader, I mean guzzler! I doubt there is a hair blog that deals with African/Afro-descent hair that I do not follow! Hair is my passion – and of course, that which I have found hardest to crack! My other interests include: skin care, dental care, nail care and internal health care; including but…


Introducing our new resident bloggers: Damilola Oladosu

August 1, 2013

Hi all. My name is Damilola Oladosu. I am a 20-something  year old lady who loves, absolutely loves the finer things of life.  And when I say the finer things of life, I mean I love to look good.  Unfortunately, I am not a fashionista and although I am not the most  awesome dresser, I do try my best to dress my figure appropriately. I love to sing, dance, travel and…