Styling Adventures: Roll, Tuck and Pin.

January 13, 2015

Towards the end of last year, I began experimenting with more styles rather than my usual afro puff. This time, it was the roll, tuck and pin which has endless variations. I’ve tried two styles so far and it has become a staple because of the effortless ease with which it can be achieved. All you need is a moisturized hair and lots of bobby pins – both long and…


Styling Adventures: Flexi Rod Set on natural hair

November 20, 2014

    For a while now, cornrows have been my go-to protective style. After wash day, I cornrow my hair in two sections for a whole week whilst co-washing and moisturizing in between. On days I have to go out, I just add extensions to my ends in form of ponytails and I’m good to go. For some reasons I got bored and decided to try something new. My flexi-rods…


5 Simple Ways To Style Your Locs

October 27, 2014

Just like natural hair, locs are also very versatile. The list of styles are almost inexhaustible but the beauty is, whatever is you want there’s something for you. Whether it’s a super edgy updo, a daring color or a just a minimal style. You are at liberty to do as you please. For minimalists like me, these are five styles you can style your locs.          …


Protective Style Ideas: Cornrows and Twists

October 8, 2014

Protective styles come in different shapes and sizes but we can all agree that the commonest ones are cornrows and twists. Mostly because they are easy, do not require so much products and can last a while if properly maintained. For those of you that are stuck on what protective style to do next, I’m gonna share a few that you can recreate and don’t forget to send us pictures if you…


Tutorial: How To Pineapple Your Natural Hair

September 23, 2014

One of the ways you can protect your natural hair at night is by ‘pineappling’ with a silk or satin scarf. This way,  you can retain your curly style and avoid frizz at the same time. This simple tutorial teaches you how to go about that.     Don’t forget, if your hair is smaller you need to make more ponytails.   Photo credit


Different Ways To Style Your Natural Hair

September 22, 2014

One of the best things about natural hair is its versatility. You are at the liberty to style your hair however you please with little or nothing. Most times, with something as little as a bobby pin. Anyways, the list of ways to style your natural hair is actually inexhaustible but I’m just gonna be sharing a few to inspire you.                  …


6 Other Ways To Style Your Box Braids

It’s no news that box braids also know as poetic justice braids are the most popular protective styles. Which explains why there’re also the most versatile. There’re countless ways to style box braids depending on the occasion, outfit or even your mood. I’m gonna be sharing six other ways you can style your box braids to avoid monotony and encourage variety.   Anyways, take a look and try to recreate them…

August 31, 2014

I’ve been rocking this protective style: Marley Twists!

August 19, 2014

Hello Ladies,  I got this protective style installed last month (July). I was inspired by this:   So I’ve installed mine and I hope to carry it till September….. I used three packs in all for a long length and fullness (N700 for each pack). I made sure the stylist divided my hair well from back to front same size so thatI won’t lose my front hair. So far, I’ve oiled with a mixture of Almond Oil, Olive…


Protective styling for August {Tunrie}

August 15, 2014

After considering a lot of options to go with as regards what protective style to do, I finally ventured into the market hoping to find something magical that would get my attention and then I’d know. LOL. Long story short, after ignoring the first shop (bad customer service), I finally found a store to purchase from. I purchased 4 packs of Noble Kinky bulk hair…don’t ask me why but I…