Is Your Hair Breaking? Find Out How To Minimize Breakage!

How Natural Hair Icon Teyonah Parris Learnt To Embrace Her Hair
February 9, 2017

My friends often talk to me about their hair and the first thing they say in the whiniest voice ever is “my hair is breaking and I need it to stop!” Since I hear this a lot, I figured I should write a post about it. The first thing you need to know is that it is impossible to have zero breakage because general hair practices can cause some degree…


Quick tips to revive your braids and scalp

July 24, 2016

With my scalp clean, I always feel like I’m walking on sunshine. I’m fairly active and not always preoccupied with my hair but with help, I went from feeling uncomfortable and scheming to take out my braids to feeling light and airy, loving my braids all over again! What changed? The condition of my scalp! How did I do that? Well you’re about to find out and I’d toss in…


3 new herbs for my hair routine

March 27, 2016

Herbal infusions are my new obsessions. Ever since I discovered them, my head has been agog with all of the possible infusions I can incorporate into my general routine. So, as usual, after a bit of research, I rushed to my local store to buy a few. I knew I had seen Rosemary somewhere so I looked specifically for that. Infusions are basically the process of extracting chemical compounds and…


How to build a hair regimen: building a foundation

February 8, 2015

Since the beginning of this year, I have elaborated on my hair regimen. Now, I want to help you build yours. To be honest, it has taken me years of experimentation to finally end up with a list of products and steps that I am comfortable with. I can’t explain why everyone’s hair reacts differently to a product but along the line, I have personally confirmed this. I advise that…


Hair regimen building video series: the intro

July 15, 2014

Hi peeps. I’ve decided to start a video series on hair regimen building. It’s just going to outline the basic steps you need to practise when you are just starting out on a hair journey. I think that you should  master these basics before you start delving into the ‘advanced’ stuff like henna, ayurveda, tea rinses, etc. Get to know your hair first before you add the extras so that…